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Bałtyk Original Sweets


Our gift set contains:

6 bars of different flavoured chocolate - ADVOCATO (Advocaat), MALIBO (Coconut), AMARETTO (Amaretto), TRUSKAWKA (strawberry), MINT and WHISKY COFFEE and a 180g bag of Gdansk Liquors. 



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"Bałtyk" can trace its history of producing chocolate to the 1920s when three companies - 'Anglas', Baltyk' and 'Kosma' were founded in what was then the Free City of Danzig. In 1951 the three companies were nationalised under the 'Baltyk' name. Like many nationalised businesses in the Polish People's Republic, the company was privatised following the fall of Communism and in recent years has striven to develop its range of chocolates, sweets and confectionary using traditional recipes developed over the past century while innovating new products in its modern factory.

Among their range of confectionary you will find rich and delicious chocolate bars with a variety of flavours such as amaretto, strawberry and mint, chocolate covered sweets and its exclusive Gdansk Liquors range of liquer filled chocolates.

The Baltyk range of sweets are particularly suitable for those who are looking for a luxury chocolate experience and this is complemented by attractive packaging which makes them perfect as a gift. The company also produces unique products for special times like Christmas and Easter as well as gift sets which are suitable for every occasion.

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