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Folk dolls - a pair of Kashubian in regional dress

Main attribute group
Czec 23 cm
Main attribute group
Czec 23 cm
Main attribute group
250g - 500g
female costume: white blouse embellished lace skirt laid in folds, decorated with black ribbons sewn on the bottom, distinctive embroidery on the sleeves of the shirt, apron. Black cloth bodice and cap embroidered with gold thread.

male costume: white shirt, pale cream trousers, dark blue or dark blue jacket decorated with embroidery, belted red belt, boots, on the head of a black felt hat adoptive red-golden ribbon

Embroidery and decorations located on the dolls costumes were made by hand and are certified by the National Artistic and Ethnographic Commission Foundation "CEPELIA" - Polish Arts and Crafts in Warsaw.
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