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Pierogi Masterclass

Have a go at making (and then eating) your own delicious pierogi in our fun, hands-on masterclass with some of the finest local pierogi experts here in Gdańsk. Great for hungry groups of all ages. Please note the price is per tour (not per person) and the tour is designed for a maximum of 10 people.
Main attribute group
In Your Pocket 90 minutes
Main attribute group
In Your Pocket 90 minutes

When in Poland, eat as the Poles do. And they eat pierogi- tasty little pouches of dough containing, well, pretty much anything you feel like putting inside really. Traditionally it's all done by hand, of course, following recipes & techniques passed down from generation to generation- a true culinary art form. Fortunately, this isn't the Magic Circle though and our celebrated pierogi chefs are more than willing to share the tricks of the trade.

In this popular workshop, one of our local experts will give you the lowdown on the dish – the origins, the history, the regional variations – and then demonstrate exactly how to prepare the dough, fill it, seal it & cook it. Then it's your turn & beware - we generally like to add a bit of competition to proceedings... ;) Needless to say, when your masterpieces are complete it's lunch time and you'll be able to gobble down your very own pierogi with some traditional accompaniments, a well-earned drink & in possession of a much-prized Pierogi Master certificate.

The workshop is ideal for tour groups and school/university groups, as well as being an excellent company integration event. And don't worry vegetarians- this one's for you too!

10/18/2017 9:27:33 AM